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Find out what it takes to improve your golf fitness

Here's how to get started:

Become Golf Strong

Becoming strong for golf involves knowing which muscles to work including both the powerful large muscles and the smaller ones for finesse. 

Engage Your Core

The core is the secret to a powerful swing. It's those little muscles that can offer the biggest improvements to your swing. Find out where your power is stored and how to release it using your core. 

Become More Flexible

Your body needs to be completely free in order to produce the most natural swing for you. Let go of tight shoulders, restricted hips and a tight back. 

Ignite Your Mobility

Freedom of movement is one of the key advantages of igniting your mobility. As you unlock tight muscles, your body produces a more effortless swing. 

About the Golf Fitness Challenge.

Young or old. High handicap or low. This Golf Fitness Challenge is designed to help you play your best. It removes the biggest obstacles to preventing freedom in your swing like tight hips, restricted neck and shoulders and a tight back. It also helps you build strength in all the right areas to bolster your game. This includes boosting your drives off the tee, squaring your club for those long fairway shots and being able to get out of trouble whether it is in deep rough or plugged sand.

Take the Golf Fitness Challenge and emerge a better, stronger, more flexible player. 

Golfers Love It...

Peter Rollins

Handicap 17

" My game is back on track and I feel better than ever."

James Stewart

Handicap 12

" I did the challenge and surprised myself with what I could accomplish."

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