April 6, 2012

Every year it is the same question.

‘Who is going to win the Masters”?

The criteria seems to change depending on who is doing the analysis.

But, here are the comments I hear from many golfers and critics.

Among the leading theories is…

-the guy with the hottest putter right now

-the guy with the most experience playing the course

-the man with the best history of winning or being a top consistent player at the Masters itself

-the player who is ‘hottest player” leading into the event (meaning: most wins or near wins going into this major)

-the player who looks strongest after first round

and…what do you think? What is the best prediction of who might win heading into the weekend or what criteria is most important?

On another note, did you see Fred Couples today?

Fantastic performance. At the age of 52, he is still going strong.

Who can tell me who has the record for the oldest age to win the Masters? And, what age was he win he won?

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Susan Hill

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